Gas Griddle Machine


  • With electric ignition, flameout protection device.
  • Three fire tubes heat griddle plate evenly to produce excellent cooking effect.
  • Remainder grease drained to oil drawer via oil vent,convenient and sanitary.
  • The heating plate is 15mm thick.
  • Flat and grooved griddle are available to meet different cooking requirement.

Uses of Gas Griddle & How its work

The griddle is a heating device, which comprises of a heating element positioned right beneath the chief cooking surface. The thermostat controls the heat, and it maintains accurate temperature. You can find an indicating light on almost all the griddles that indicates it is powered "on". Apart from the indicating light, you can find the additional light that indicates the precise operating temperature. In order to operate the griddle, you simply need to tune the temperature required. Whenever the operating temperature exceeds the specified temperature, the light gets turned off, and turns the griddle off. griddle is very handy in cooking foods stating from vegetable items to meat. The griddles can also serve in making soups and warming purpose. Griddling is one of the most effective cooking technique that combines the qualities of browning, pan frying, toasting, and roasting. In most number of cases, the steel surface for cooking is hardened like a cast iron surface to attain non-sticky character.