SS Floor Grating


We offers a complete range of stainless steel floor gratings with troughs for all commercial applications. Installing suitable floor gratings in a commercial kitchen is an excellent way to manage spilled water and to alleviate the dangers associated with slipping on a pool of water. Floor gratings can be one of the easiest solutions for commercial plumbers to provide their clients with the best option for floor drainage to maintain sanitary kitchen conditions.


Materials: low carbon steel plate, stainless steel wire, iron plate, copper plate, aluminum plate Used: widely used in the core of filter, medicine, filtering, breeding, battery, mechanical protecting, making the crafts, the meshes for the high-grade sound box, decoration, the seating for children, baskets, etc. Bends galvanized steel grating Specification: Cold rolled steel sheet Thickness: 0.2mm-1mm Length: 1m-20m Hole Diameter: 0.8mm-10mm Plate Thickness:0.3mm-10mm Size: =1.53m Hole Diameter: 0.8mm-100mm The specification only for reference, it can be done according to the requests of the customers.