Shawarma Machine


  • All stainless steel body with fat drawer. The distance between the burner and the gyro can be adjustable.
  • The power of the motor is 14W and the speed is 2.5 round per minute.
  • Choice of two, three or four ceramics burners.
  • Simply push or pull to bring the burner closer to the meat with maximum ease and comfort.
  • Inbuilt drip tray keeps machine clean and mess-free.
  • non slip feet to elevate the machine for air circulation of the motor and easy cleaning to increase hygiene.


Nowadays, shawarma machine is applied to many places widely, such as business street, bar, hotel, school, canteen, fast food restaurant, etc. There are electric and gas shawarma machine to choose. As professional shawarma machine manufacturer, we can provide you with favourable price and best quality. The donor kebab originates from Turkey and is a dish made of meat on a rotisserie usually lamb or a veal and beef and more often now chicken.